Cordless lamps from Einhell

Shine a new light on your projects: Optimal visibility with cordless lamps

Lost power in your home and can't find the fuse box, working late at night on your construction site, or just enjoy a proper camping trip? In all these situations, there's a handy piece of kit to help you out – a cordless lamp! You can move freely and unencumbered by cables with the battery lights from Einhell – ensuring you're not only well equipped for a night-time hike, but can also illuminate your workshop. In our range, you have the choice between compact battery lights that are very flexible to use and those that can be used as spotlights. The high-performance LEDs installed in the lamps ensure optimum visibility for every use and our lithium-ion batteries provide the necessary flexibility and lighting time. With our working lights, you not only have the perfect lighting for your workshop, but also maximum flexibility!