Battery competence. - That convinces. Again and again.

We are battery test winners - At an independent German test institute

The test victory goes to: Einhell! In a current comparison test by an independent test institute, a German consumer organsation, with eight batteries from eight different battery platforms, the 2.0 Ah battery from Einhell's Power X-Change battery system came out on top against strong competition. Our battery convinced in terms of durability, handling and safety. After having already achieved top marks in previous tests with Power X-Change devices by this German independent test institute, we are now all the more pleased that our batteries, whose development we attach great importance to, have won the test.

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We are incredibly proud that we were able to hold our own in the race with top-class competitors and clearly demonstrate our battery expertise. We are battery test winners.
Andreas Kroiss
CEO Einhell Germany AG
The Einhell research team: "Safety and functionality are number one priority for us in Power X-Change. That is why we concentrate on each and every detail."

These categories have been tested

woman and man with einhell devices in a garden

Tested components for reliable durability

High-performance cells in combination with intelligent battery management ensure efficiency, reliability and durability in our Power X-Change batteries. The components are continuously subjected to strict quality tests. In the test, all batteries had to survive 400 charging cycles to prove their durability. Our battery was convincing and received the grade 2.1.

A battery lawn mower

Pleasant handling, easy charging

The shock- and dust-proof plastic cover of our battery pack not only protects its inner life, but also increases the user-friendliness of the battery with the practical recessed grip for insertion and the easy-to-see charge level indicator. The charging time was also rated as good, achieving a grade of 2.0 in the handling area.

The cross section of a Pxc battery

Top marks for safety

Our in-house processor-controlled battery electronics, the Active Battery Management System, is specifically designed for long battery life and safety. It monitors all safety-relevant influences inside each Power X-Change battery and controls the optimal use of the individual cells. This paid off in the test conducted by an independent German test institute, as we received the top score of 1.0 for safety.

Power consumption of charger
A battery charger

Cell-saving charging made easy

The higher the charge current, the higher the power consumption, of course. A higher charging current also shortens the charging time, but since batteries age faster, the use of such chargers is only recommended in exceptional cases. Our 3 A standard chargers, as tested, on the other hand, are ideal for standard applications. For this, the indepentent test institute gave it a grade of 1.6. If it has to go faster, the fast charging function of our 6 A Boost Charger can be switched on by pressing a button if necessary. This saves the battery and increases the service life.

Technical features
The pxc system

Compatibility - even outside of the Einhell system

In addition to the test categories, other features of the battery platforms were also compared in the test, e.g. the different applications of the batteries and their compatibility. Here our Power X-Change battery could convince across the board. Our platform batteries are compatible with all 300 Power X-Change devices. Power X-Change is the first system that offers such a wide range of products for do-it-yourselfers and hobby gardeners alike. And thanks to Einhell's Twin Pack technology, 36V appliances are also part of the platform. Here 2 batteries are simply combined. Besides Einhell tools, third party devices can also be operated with our batteries, e.g. the Elmoto e-kick scooter from GOVECS.

The Einhell 2.0 Ah Power X-Change battery

Our test winner

More test winners

Power X-Change devices have already received top marks twice from the independent German test institute. But other test magazines also regularly subject Einhell tools and gardening equipment to a strict examination. 

A cordless chainsaw

Cordless Chain Saw GE-LC 36/35 Li-Solo

"Best balance between very easy operation and good cutting performance." - Jury "Selbst ist der Mann" (issue 11/2020)

A cordless screwdriver

Cordless Drill TE-CD 18 Li Brushless-Solo

"TOPpart at a TOP price - absolutely recommendable for semi-professionals. At this price so far the best there is." - Berndi

A cordless handsaw

Cordless Circular Saw TE-CS 18/190 Li BL - Solo

The "impeccable accuracy of scales and stops", very good suction and cutting depth convinced the jury of "Selbst ist der Mann" (issue 7/2020).

A cordless lawn mower

Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 43 Li M Kit (2x4,0Ah)

"Simply great, a work relief! Bought a year ago, I am very satisfied with 900 square meters of lawn simply great." - Guenter1952